Home and away: The
new workplace hybrid?

As we re-enter the workplace, do you know if your employees really want to get back to the office, or would they prefer to continue working from home?

7월 08, 2020

Human experience is at the heart of how we plan and design workspaces at JLL. We want to help you re-imagine an office space that your employees want. But are they ready to move on to the next normal?

In our latest external study, we surveyed 1,500 people from 5 countries across the region to get their sentiment to the remote working experience that COVID-19 imposed on a staggering number of employees. Nationwide lockdowns across the region caused an unprecedented and radical shift towards a work from home model. 

We have gathered in-depth insights on why we strongly believe that the office is definitely here to stay. Download our comprehensive report to help you re-imagine an office space that your employees would be comfortable with, in this new era of enhanced safety and social distancing measures. You may also want to have a listen to our podcast on this topic.

Top 3 reasons why employees are eager to re-enter to the office


Human interactions, socializing with my colleagues


Professional environment with access to everything I need to work


Collective face-to-face work for collaboration

Roddy Allan, JLL’s Chief Research Officer, shares his views with CNBC  on what employees want and how the office is being reimagined across Asia Pacific.

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