Guy Grainger

가이 그레인저

최고 경영책임자, EMEA

전세계 부동산 시장의 모든 부분에서 자문과 서비스가 필요한 투자자와 기업에게 JLL의 광범위한 리소스를 제공하는 업무를 담당하고 있습니다.

Guy has three decades of experience in real estate, an industry he aimed at early on in life. After earning a degree in valuation and estate management, he started off professionally at a retail-property company in 1989, and continued working in the sector for two decades. Guy joined JLL as the head of UK retail in 2008 as part of a corporate acquisition.

In 2013, Guy became CEO of the UK business. He took on his current role leading the EMEA region in 2016. In these leadership positions, Guy has helped companies with creating strategies around their property portfolios and designing office spaces, while assisting investors trade a wide variety of commercial and residential buildings.

Guy sits on the policy committee of the British Property Federation, an industry group, and is a frequent commentator on issues facing the sector, society and the environment.

In his spare time, Guy spends time with his family and trains rigorously for triathlons.