Client story

GroupM’s new space embodies diversity, connectivity, and creativity 

JLL created a space that brings various people to be interconnected in various places, and induces creativity.


2,524.6 m2


Yongsan, Seoul, Korea

Client business needs

Diversity - a space that can accommodate various types of workspace and various​ identities for collaboration between various departments and people.​
Interconnected - Spaces where various people can gather are placed in various places.​
Creativity - Induce creativity by expressing elements that can inspire ‘creativity’ in the space.​

Our approach

The space was designed to fit for the media company, unique compared to other kinds of design projects since they are expected to be creative. We designed the space that will impress clients from the moment they enter. Also, provided an inspiring and innovative environment for your employees, who will love the breakout areas and cutting-edge meeting rooms that reflect their company culture at every level. 

We worked very closely with the client in order to understand their needs and to accomplish their goals. We tried to respond and produced the solution to any of client’s request and feedback as soon as possible.

There were some challenges to the project because of the tight schedules we were given. However, we have provided an easy way through which client can communicate with us and ensure our communication is clear and concise. We kept clients in the loop and ensure that they understand what is always happening in the project. 


Even under the tight schedules and client’s high expectations, we ensured our communication to be clear and kept them in loop with any updates and addressed their main concerns before raising other issues. We were able to achieve client’s expectation within the time frame.

We tried understanding the company’s culture, and space to reflect the company brand identity and color/ tone to meet their expectation to the new office space.