Invest in, develop, lease and manage industrial property, and get supply chain advice.

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Get advice and transaction support for industrial real estate leasing and investment deals.
Develop supply chain strategy

Analyze your logistics requirements and develop a strategy to reduce transportationcosts, optimize product flow,and create positive customer experiences.

Find industrial space

Identify the right market and find the best space for your business. Make informed location decisions based on your product, production schedule, flow of goods, and labor and distribution needs.

Sell or lease industrial space

Position your asset to attract and retain industrial tenants or buyers. Find out where today’sindustrial tenants are heading –and why –to maximize your investment strategy.

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about industrial real estate.

How do your supply chain and current trends impact your strategy? 
Jungha Woo,Head of Logistic & Industrial Property Service, Korea
Jungha Woo
Head of Logistic & Industrial Property Service, Korea