COVID-19: 3 topics real estate occupiers should address

Cross-functional teams are assembling to respond to the impacts of COVID-19, including facilities management, risk, human resources, and communications.

The ability for occupiers to respond to the potential impacts of COVID-19 is critical. As a result, many organizations are assembling cross-functional response teams comprising representatives from facilities management, risk, human resources, communication, procurement, and more.

Corporate occupiers should consider these three topics as they navigate the impact of COVID-19:

Make protection of your people, employees, clients and the community your top priority.

  • Plan for measures that can be deployed incrementally, and immediately if required, in accordance with the level of the outbreak in each of your facilities.
  • Implement communication programs that are easy to follow and deploy these measures across your real estate portfolio (illustrative posters with simple messages, short instructions, etc.).
  • Provide an easy path to get access to the content and a simple step-by-step approach for your local teams.

Minimize disruption and interruption through continuity and resilience.

  • Activate or accelerate the development of remote work programs.
  • Assess which jobs and activities could be affected and transferred outside of your physical office or put on hold for a given period of time.
  • Audit your IT (hardware and software) to launch and maintain activities outside of your physical office.

Communicate clearly and regularly with leadership, employees, visitors,  partners and suppliers.

  • Plan your messages carefully and measure each word to avoid misunderstanding.
  • Be fully transparent with sharing actions and reported results.
  • Validate and get approval for all official and non-official releases.

DISCLAIMER: JLL and our staff are not authorized or qualified to guide or influence you in the preparation of your own business continuity or preparations plans from a health and public policy perspective. While we are making efforts to ensure we are providing an up-to-date list of publicly available resources, all details on COVID-19, as well as health and public policy implications, should be addressed with the advice of an independent specialist.

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