What makes Singapore so business friendly?

Today's shopping areas in towns and cities across the UK are much more than a random collection of retailers.

June 16, 2017

On any weekday morning the streets of Singapore’s Central Business District are packed with office-bound professionals from around the world.

Yet they’re not just heading to the many regional headquarters of multi-national companies that make the city state one of the key business hubs in Asia. Its start-up scene is also thriving, pulling in entrepreneurs from around the world and attracting growing amounts of venture capital tech investments.

So what is it about Singapore that makes it a place where a growing number of businesses of all shapes and sizes want to be?

Watch the video to find out what makes Singapore so business friendly with insights from Sylvia Koh, JLL’s Head of Strategic Consulting, Asia Pacific, and Greg Hyland, JLL’s Head of Singapore Capital Markets.