Destination 2030

Global cities' readiness for tourism growth

Marking a first-ever assessment of cities’ readiness for tourism growth, WTTC and JLL have teamed up to launch a brand new way of evaluating and delivering on solutions to foster sustainable growth in tourism activity.

The research analysis covers a deep dive into the current scale and concentration of visitor activity, an index of urban readiness, and an assessment of engagement related to tourism policies. The newly created index brings together a board spectrum of destination practices and community attributes to determine a level and type of readiness, and an action plan to drive proactive growth going forward.

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Status and readiness

Scale vs concentration
  • Visitor activity
  • Visitor attractions
  • Connectivity
  • Tourism economy
  • Accommodations
  • Convention space
Leisure vs business drivers
  • Visitor activity
  • Corporate environment
  • Visitor attractions
  • Connectivity
  • Wealth
  • Accommodations
  • Convention space
Urban readiness
  • Labor availability
  • Urban infrastructure
  • Environment
  • Stability
Policy engagement
  • Economic development plan
  • Citizen engagement policy
  • Tourism flows management policy
  • Sustainable tourism growth plan
  • Home sharing policy
  • Tourism development tax legislation

Levels of city readiness

Where does my city rank?

Click through below to see the five levels of city readiness based on urban infrastructure, tourism assets and city-level policy.

Does my city have the right policy setting?

Contact us to receive a copy of the full report or request to have your city evaluated for readiness.

Lauro Ferroni,Head of Capital Markets Research, Americas
Lauro Ferroni
Head of Capital Markets Research, Americas
Dan Fenton,Managing Director, Global Tourism and Destination Advisory
Dan Fenton
Managing Director, Global Tourism and Destination Advisory
Rochelle Turner,Research Vice President, World Travel & Tourism Council
Rochelle Turner
Research Vice President, World Travel & Tourism Council