Trish Maxson

Chief Administrative Officer

Trish is responsible for maintaining the company’s financial strength, and for the corporate real estate and people strategies designed to provide an environment for our employees to flourish. She also oversees the legal team, and JLL’s ambitious sustainability commitments to Building a Better Tomorrow.

Trish joined JLL in 2012, bringing with her a wide variety of leadership experience. She worked for Merck & Co. from 2007, and Rohm and Haas Co. before that, in a diverse set of roles that have stretched from laboratories to the board room.  

Trish started her professional life as a chemist, working with research and business teams. The challenges chemistry presented – identifying patterns, solving complex problems – are skills she has found incredibly useful throughout her career.  

She moved into human resources in 1999, and deeply understands the value that talented people who are given clear opportunities to achieve their career ambitions can have on corporate success. In recent years, a key focus of JLL’s strategy around its people has been to leverage an aligned approach to structure, processes and technology to create efficiencies throughout the business. 

Trish earned a degree in chemistry from Michigan State University, a PhD in biophysical chemistry from the University of California, Berkeley, and an M.A. in clinical psychology from The Fielding Graduate Institute. Born in Okinawa, Japan, she currently resides in Pennsylvania. 

An accomplished flutist, Trish is passionate about music, and sits on the board of the Bennington Chamber Music Conference.