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JLL, 강남 N타워 매각 주관사로 선정/korea/ko-kr/news/155/jll-강남-n타워-매각-주관사로-선정JLL, 강남 N타워 매각 주관사로 선정강남역 일대에서 십 년 만에 공급되는 신축 프라임 오피스 빌딩 투자 용도뿐만 아니라 사옥 용도로서 희소 가치 보유SEOUL2018-02-07T06:00:00Z

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코어 자산, 2017년 4분기 매매시장에서 주로 거래/korea/ko-kr/news/156/코어-자산-2017년-4분기-매매시장에서-주로-거래SEOUL코어 자산, 2017년 4분기 매매시장에서 주로 거래올해도 투자심리 개선과 풍부한 유동성으로 매매 시장은 더욱 활발해질 것2018-02-02T06:00:00Z
Co-living picks up speed in Asia/asia-pacific/en-gb/news/436/co-living-picks-up-speed-in-asiaSINGAPORECo-living picks up speed in AsiaMillennial lifestyles and increasing accommodation costs drive shift towards sharing2018-01-22T06:00:00Z
Asia Pacific start-ups have received over 60 per cent of global ‘proptech’ investment /asia-pacific/en-gb/news/427/apac-start-ups-have-received-over-60-percent-of-global-proptech-startup-investmentsSINGAPOREAsia Pacific start-ups have received over 60 per cent of global ‘proptech’ investment New report commissioned by JLL reveals US$4.8 billion of the US$7.8 billion invested globally was in Asia Pacific from 2013 to 20172017-11-08T06:00:00Z
JLL 코리아, 신임 대표이사 임명/korea/ko-kr/news/154/jll-korea-new-country-head서울JLL 코리아, 신임 대표이사 임명한국 로컬사업 성장 동력 견인 위한 리더십 팀 강화2017-10-12T05:00:00Z
Asian investors setting their sights overseas/asia-pacific/en-gb/news/414/asian-investors-setting-their-sights-overseasSINGAPOREAsian investors setting their sights overseasSecond quarter data show more capital targeting real estate; United States, United Kingdom and Germany top destinations, according to JLL2017-08-14T05:00:00Z